React Emmet Shortcuts for Supercharged Development

Emmet is a powerful tool for writing code faster and more efficiently, especially when used with React. Here are some essential React Emmet shortcuts to boost your productivity:

Basic HTML:

  • div.className>h1*2 - Creates a div with class "className", containing two h1 tags.

  • ul>li.item*5 - Creates an ul with five li elements with class "item".

  • img[src="image.png"] - Creates an img tag with the specified source attribute.

  • .container>section*4> - Creates a .container with four sectionelements.

React Components:

  • MyComponent> - Creates a self-closing MyComponent component.

  • MyComponent{props} - Creates a MyComponent component with the specified props in an object.

  • MyComponent{children} - Creates a MyComponent component with the specified children.

  • MyComponent{.className}{children} - Creates a MyComponent component with the specified class and children.

JSX Fragments:

  • <> - Creates an empty JSX fragment.

  • <>{content}</> - Creates a JSX fragment with the specified content.

  • div<>{content}</> - Creates a div element with the specified content as JSX fragment.

Attributes and Events:

  • div[id="myId"][onClick] - Creates a div with the specified id and onClick event handler.

  • .className{style="color: red;"}- Creates a .className element with the specified inline style.

  • button{onClick={handleClick}} - Creates a button element with the onClick event handler bound to the handleClick function.

Advanced Features:

  • ul>li*5[for="item{n}"] - Creates an ul with five li elements with dynamically generated "for" attributes based on a counter.

  • div#myDiv>.subDiv*2{style="margin: 10px;"} - Creates a div with id "myDiv" and two nested .subDivelements with margin style.

  • ComponentName[ref={myRef}] - Creates a ComponentNamecomponent and stores a reference in the myRef variable.

Tips for Using Emmet in React:

  • Use the jsx abbreviation when working with JSX files.

  • Install the "Emmet for React" extension for your code editor for enhanced functionality.

  • Explore the extensive online resources and documentation for Emmet and React Emmet for a comprehensive understanding.

Remember: Practice makes perfect! Experiment with these shortcuts and discover the power of Emmet to supercharge your React development workflow.

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